Well hello there..

..you look familiar.

I’m assuming you’ve come here from my Instagram or Facebook page, which means I don’t exactly have to introduce myself. Dead soz if you have come here by accident and have no idea who this strange person is and why they claim to recognise you! So in the interest of not earning myself any restraining orders I will give you the basics.

I’m Amy, I’m a mum of one and a wife.. of one also and I started a Mummy/Lifestyle/Gentle Parenting Advice YouTube channel in early 2016 and an Instagram account to match. I take really great selfies but even better pictures of my toddler,¬†Max. Though it may have seemed like I had all bases covered, chatting¬†on YouTube, showing off my pictures on Instagram and a bit of both on Facebook, I, like a Disney villain, wanted mooore *cackles*

Well really, I just wanted somewhere else to share moments that were bigger than I could type into an Instagram description box or maybe vent about stuff that was too small for a whole YouTube video. So here we are! Welcome


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