Bank Holiday: Canal Fest!

The last bank holiday before Christmas! Say what?

Don’t even get me started on Christmas, this time last year I had everything planned out, including  timetable of when to start buying and making things, (I made homemade presents each year), this time I am completely lost.. but that is for another post!

I asked around to see whether there was anything going happening in my local area, that we could take Max to. Someone suggested the Canal Festival at Botany Bay.


Botany who, I hear you ask? Its an old Mill building that sits along the canal and it has lots of little boutiques and outlet shops. They also have a soft play called Puddle Town Pirates, where I used to work once upon a time!


So, back to the festival, there were all these canal boats lined up outside the Mill and the car park was full of food and craft stalls and even some live music!




aren’t these just the sweetest?!

It was quite a hot day and the heat really tires Max out so he stayed in the Tula for quite a while just taking it all in, (which was great for us because we didn’t have to worry about him running off and getting lost in all the people), until he spotted the little Giraffes  🙂

We’ve always said Giraffe’s tend to be his favourite animal, and if I ever wondered if we could be wrong, today would have proved it! Out of 3 baskets of little bead-filled animals, he picked out all the giraffes, in different sizes and kept holding them together and making them talk. He wasn’t bothered about the octopus, zebra, turtles or even the snakes!


I stopped at one stall in particular that was selling incense burners and cones and lots of pretty things and I bought one of the little leaves you can see on this picture, it was so hard to choose.


So after one stroll round we were done and realised that it wasn’t quite right for Max’s age, they did have a few games/rides but he was a bit young (or the queue was too long). We headed into the soft play and let Max run wild.


He has a thing for lying down…anywhere 


Of course, we brought the Giraffe home  🙂